adp 119Alex Davison shot this series of landscapes, among many others, during his time in Hong Kong and China.  The commision came from the Cobra Group of Companies, a multi-national marketing and communications company that had recently moved its financial arm from the UK to South East Asia.

adp 123

Alex spends approximately 2/3 of the year away from the UK shooting internationally. Often his UK client’s have offices all around the world and fortunately for him, his clients trust and respect him enough to send him almost anywhere.

adp 122

This particular commission was a ten day project and its purpose was to provide artwork that would showcase Hong Kong’s financial district and surrounding areas.  Also part of the collection were a series of 10 portraits, each representing a  different fundamental part of the local employment food chain.

adp 121Alex will be in Hong Kong once again in October 2015 and again in February to shoot 5 separate commissions over two two week periods. If you or someone you know are based in the city and need your portraits either shooting or reshooting then get in touch.

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